Magic Monster

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My Peppermint Pumpkin bandmate Carisa Bianca Mellado started Magic Monster Records. One of the first projects to really kick things off is the Magic Monster online radio station. I am responsible for the radio show called Chill Out. If your interested in new, hip and underground music tune in to Magic Monster Radio.


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I started this webpage with a goal of learning wordpress and I wanted to make my own theme from scratch. I started in Photoshop with a mood board (as seen below). I than made a Photoshop mockup of the home and portfolio pages. From there I wrote a standardized HTML and CSS version of the site that made it a lot easier to implement my design into wordpress.

Mood Board

Original Mood Board

Circuit Bending

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In my free time I modify electronics, toys and instruments in search of new sounds and unexpected music. Through experimentation and determination I have collected and built a few mutant instruments and contraptions. Along with my buddy James and his collection of bent gear we record our soundscapes and musical experiments under the name Infinitesimal Cog. I am really interested in making a circuit bending website that archives videos, tutorials, and acts as a community hub for fellow benders.
Here is a demo video of my bent Yamaha DD50. I added 28 on/off/on switches that independently change the sounds the drum machine makes.

If your new to circuit bending and want to know more here are some links that I find useful.

Flier Design

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I design fliers for bands and events.Here are a few. The first one is a flier for Peppermint Pumpkin for a show at the Black Triangle.

Peppermint Pumpkin at the Black Triangle

These where made for a past show for Sophya St. James.

Sophya St. James-X-mas Sophya St. James-Mirrors

Contact me for rates and more info.
Sophya St. James-Mirrors2

Sophya St. James

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Sophya has always been an inspiration to me.  I had a lot of fun making her website. I started with an Art Nouveau theme in mind and with an ancient table based layout I ended up with this very stylish site. Through this journey I have learned a lot. I would likely make the markup and css more standardized now, though the site functions as intended. Updates coming soon.